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The Billion Club is a Discord Trading Community led by The Conduit. (Over 10+ years of experience, 95%+ accuracy rate, a Full Time Investor/Trader) The server is one of a kind as The Master of Markets delves in every financial market such as Stocks, OTC, Crypto, Forex, and the subcategories within ranging from Futures, Options, Commodities, Indices, ETF’s, Defi and much more! We also offer: signals, educational seminars, live trading sessions, giveaways, round the clock customer service, helpful tools, frequent news reports, market analysis/strategy, Youtube videos, movie/gaming night, twitch streams, you will be sure to find an ever-evolving community that is designed to enhance your overall trading journey!

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The Billion Club

About us

 Ever wondered how to get into trading? Still trying to figure out the difference between Stocks, OTC, Crypto and Forex? The Billion Club is here to handle all your needs! Our team of experienced analysts will help guide you through the ups and downs of any market. We offer signals and seminars for all markets and are looking forward to guiding you along The Checkered Path! Our community caters to both seasoned traders as well as those those just starting out! 

So what are you waiting for? Come join The Billion Club! 

Happy Investing! 

Here at the Billion Club, we trade every market. With reliability and consistency being our focus, we are proud to boast a 95%+ win rate in Forex, OTC’s, Stocks, and Crypto. If you are just interested in taking the trades we alert in one market, buy the signal package for that market. If you want alerts for all markets, our complete premium package is also available. If you’re an individual driven to learn our methods and strategies that enable us to boast a high win rate, then the masterclasses are for you. We are also proud to boast an active and friendly community of traders from all around the world. Connect and chat with over 500 daily users inside our community. 

We look forward to meeting you on The Checkered Path!



Detailed description of the investment suggestion including both fundamental and technical analysis. Includes suggested position entry and exit levels.  Available for  STOCKS,  OTC,  CRYPTO and FOREX     


Our masterclasses are carefully crafted courses, orchestrated by our top ranking analysts. They include live trading, tutorials on professional tools and mindset training to ensure you become an amazing trader.


Our community is unlike others on Discord. Consisting of many individuals that come from all over the world, everyone in our community shares ambition, drive, and passion to earn. As a community, we bond over trading, movies, video games, and much more. You won’t just find people inside The Billion Club, you’ll also find family and friends for life.

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The Billion Club

Why Choose Us?

The Billion Club has hand picked analysts, seasoned traders that have multiple years of experience. Our analysts have high win rates, and we make sure of this by looking at past results. At the Billion Club we value our members. We take pride in our community and strive to provide excellent customer support to our members. The atmosphere is immersive, we can always be found in voice channels providing insight into how to improve your technical analysis, trading mindset and having a great time.

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The Billion Club



"Amazing server with very helpful and friendly people with endless amounts to learn. The last year has been eventful with the pandemic, the people at TBC were always there to support and help me improve. One occasion they helped guide me and prevented me from liquidation. The mods actually respond to dms and are immersive, you can catch livestreams and ask any questions and you will get good answers from experienced traders."

Red X

"I've been following The Conduit from the beginning of the year, and been a part of this server since the 1st of February. Apart from the signals which were nothing short of profitable, I found a group of friends. Always supporting, always lifting eachother up, enjoying everyone's success and motivating them to not give up when losses happened; I've never been part of a community so friendly and fun and I'm so glad I found it when I did. If you're looking for profits AND friends, this is the place to be; I'll be part of this until I won't be able to anymore, which I hope will be YEARS from now."


"I'm a big fan of The Billion Club because not only has it helped me further my ability to trade and win trades the signals offered are a huge benefit when i don't have the time to do some of my own technical analysis. I would come check it out and stop losing trades and start winning like i have."

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